Leather Care

So, you’ve received your new leather furniture, and you naturally want to look after it and make it last a long time. You know that you need to care for your new product, but you have many questions. Let’s answer some of them. Leather is a natural product and it needs to be looked after from day one. Leather is certainly very durable and lasts a lot longer than fabric. It also looks better as time passes. Leather furniture will fit in almost anywhere and the dye colours used today will also suite most decors.



It is advisable to keep your leather couches and furniture away from direct sunlight as it can fade over time. Yes, leather is the most durable covering, however, anything will fade over time when exposed to sunlight. Not only will it fade, it will also dry out as it no longer has natural moisture to keep it beautiful and soft.
In fact, keeping your leather furniture a meter away from all heat sources, such as fireplaces, heaters and any other heat source is advisable. Continuous friction caused by rubbing can chafe or mark the leather. Keep leather furniture away from overly high traffic areas. A small tip, but it all helps.


Cleaning / Dusting your leather furniture on a weekly basis might seem trivial, but it goes a long way in ensuring that the leather pores remain fairly dust free. You can simply wipe it with a cloth – dry or damp. Do not use chemicals or household detergents to clean any leather furniture.  Household furniture polish should also not be used as it contains silicone, which eventually destroys the finish of the fabric.

Clean any beverage or foodstuff spillage off immediately. Do not let it soak in! The quicker you clean up, the less the stain will be. In this instance, you can use a light liquid hand soap on a damp cloth. Other stains such as wax, ink grease, blood, urine, wax etc should be removed using a professional leather cleaner.  It always a good idea to keep a good leather cleaner in your cupboard so that you can take care of the problem as it happens.

You should oil or wax your leather furniture at least twice a year using a quality leather cleaner. It is recommended that your leather furniture is oiled or waxed twice a year, using a quality leather cleaner, so as to restore suppleness and eliminate dryness. Do not use any oils or waxes as these can damage the leather, but rather purchase the correct ones through Ellis Furnishers. Although oils and waxes usually darken lighter coloured leather, it must be understood that dry leather needs re-hydration.


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